Richard Franco was born in the summer of 1949 on the Lower East Side of Manhattan.  He always wanted to be an artist.  He loved to paint.  He was accepted to the special New York high schools of Music and Art and Art and Design but due to family pressure he went instead to the neighborhood high school.  After graduation he majored in art at CCNY but he dropped out after a few years.


He drifted from job to job and lived in a dozen different places.  Where ever he lived he kept a space for his art.  He always had at least a corner of a room dedicated to painting and drawing.  He finally settled in to a clerical position at the Post Office.  The steady salary enabled him to go back to school.  By taking one class a semester he finally earned his BFA at Montclair State University after twenty three years.  He is now retired from the Post Office and he is enrolled in the Graduate Art program at William Paterson University.

His interest is in creating abstract images.  He feels that although he loves all art, most representational art only reinforces people’s personal notions of reality.  Abstract art, on the other hand, forces the viewer to use their imagination and invites them to worlds they might not have ever imagined.  He believes that this contributes to the evolution of the collective consciousness, and he hopes that it will be for the better.


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